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Whether you need a municipal tree inventory or are managing millions of hectares of forest resources, the right remote sensing solution can provide valuable insights, allowing you to have confidence in your decisions and efficient operations. 

  • Wildfire boundary mapping and recovery monitoring

  • Timber volumes and canopy height measurements

  • Cutblock monitoring

  • Vegetation health measurement

  • Mountain pine beetle infection mapping

  • Municipal or private tree inventory

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OGL provides terrain modeling and imagery for historical flood plain analysis, flood awareness mapping application (FAMA), and peak water mapping.


Through LiDAR and bathymetry data, OGL is able to create watershed analysis, model waterflow paths, and for urgent cases can mobilize to any site within western Canada within 24 hours (weather dependent) to capture the full extent of flooding.

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OGL's full execution capabilities provide our clients fast and reliable support for time sensitive projects. We utilize multi-sensor platforms and historical data to facilitate a full understanding of the environment and how it has changed.  Some applications include:


  • Comprehensive pre- and post-construction digital twins

  • Environmental analysis including change detection and feature delineation.

  • Hazard mapping and analysis ​

  • Slope deformation and water course monitoring​

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Mining, quarry, and landfill operators need fast and reliable support for small- and large-scale projects. Utilizing multi-sensor platforms and geomatics principles, the following operational critical information can be provided without the need for additional boots on the ground and the safety exposure that comes with:

  • Slope Aspects

  • Pile volume calculation and audits

  • Volumetric change analysis

  • Asset and expansion planning

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