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Unknown right-of-way conditions cost time and money, adding unnecessary risk to your operations. OGL’s solutions minimize the unknown while providing confidence to make informed decisions. Our team combines decades of experience in remote sensing and electric utility monitoring to offer reliable 3D insights on your electric system in the context of the larger right-of-way environment.

  • Applications in all stages of an asset’s lifecycle: greenfield, as-built, and monitoring

  • Precision vegetation and line-sag management, reducing costs and improving reliability

  • Digital twin: an auditable record of right-of-way conditions

  • Valuable source of big data to predict future trends

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OGL provides intelligent solutions for planning, monitoring, and risk analysis of pipeline rights-of-way without interrupting operations. Our geospatial data acquisition and processing procedures provide the most accurate and up-to-date information for our clients.


  • Efficient multi-sensor acquisition platforms

  • Engineering design for new pipelines and upgrades

  • Environmental monitoring and risk analysis data

  • Encroachment and construction activity

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Since 1804, railways have played a fundamental role transporting goods around the world. Now as the industry shifts into a digital transformation, high accuracy asset data for precision railroading has never been more vital. The professionals at OGL have provided innovative solutions to some of the largest rail and infrastructure projects across North America.


  • 3D Digital twins for simulations and training

  • GIS design and implementation

  • Mobile mapping senor integration and workflow optimization

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