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Unknown right-of-way conditions cost time and money, adding unnecessary risk to your operations. OGL’s solutions minimize the unknown while providing confidence to make informed decisions. Our team combines decades of experience in remote sensing and electric utility monitoring to offer reliable 3D insights on your electric system in the context of the larger right-of-way environment.

  • Applications in all stages of an asset’s lifecycle: greenfield, as-built, and monitoring

  • Precision vegetation and line-sag management, reducing costs and improving reliability

  • Digital twin: an auditable record of right-of-way conditions

  • Valuable source of big data to predict future trends

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Are you interested in preserving a cultural artifact or a historical site digitally? OGL can provide digital 3D models for preserving historic sites or relics.  OGL also has over 40 years of experience providing film-based photogrammetric services and uses modern techniques to process historical data of any age.


Are you looking for historic aerial imagery? OGL has a large in-house data library containing archived film and digital imagery. Contact us for a free, no obligation, in-depth archival search.

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As industries continue to shift towards virtualization, customizable interactive applications are a necessity. Whether it be virtual site orientation through a VR application or enabling anyone to immerse themselves in a historic site from anywhere in the world.


Our team of geomatics engineers and software developers will work with you to develop an innovative approach to your digital transformation.


  • Virtual tourism through web-based, VR and AR applications

  • Education experiences and videos

  • Scalable, non-invasive virtual “on-site” training

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Municipalities across the globe are transforming into “smart cities”, relying on geospatial information to make informed decisions. Quickly realize you ROI through everyday operational efficiencies, organization wide. Our team of specialized geomatics engineers will work with you to develop an innovative, fit-for-purpose solution.


  • Enable smart simulation with AI/ML ready solutions

  • GIS consulting and optimization

  • Cost efficiency with simultaneous LiDAR and imagery acquisition

  • Fixed cost and subscription-based programs available.

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